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My name is Tom Barbořík, and I am from the Czech Republic. I am 28 years old and freelances for 10 of them. I am communicative with a high emphasis on your needs. The first step is to always decide their meaningfulness and applicability and create your project's brief.

I have 16 years of experience with HTML, vanilla JavaScript, CSS, and PHP programming. On top of that, I have experience in creating React, Astro, NextJs, Strapi, and Nette projects. I built a few mobile applications with Flutter but prefer React Native and Expo better.

What can I offer you

Every project is different. I can take on small projects from creating simple HTML templates based on Figma design to big projects employing multiple people. Those include presentation sites, e-shops, internal systems (inventory management, billing system), APIs, and in some cases mobile applications. Each project has its content management system if possible. This is very useful for mobile applications since you don't have to publish updates every time content changes. I am interested in working on projects that have specific and distinct requirements. However, I do not work with WordPress.

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